welcomeThis is the first post on my site dedicated to getting healthy.  Here I will be documenting my own personal journey. I am not expected to pull in thousands, hundreds, dozens, or any views. Instead this is a way to track my progress, failures, and successes.  By making this public, I will hopefully be held accountable. If anyone finds it helpful or influential, then this is an added bonus.

The menu titles are fairly self explanatory but I figured I could be nice and give a short description of what will be populated within those pages and categories.

  • About: This page contains the starting stats for this journey.  Here I will post my pictures, dimensions, and goals.
  • Articles: This will house all posts about various health articles I find interesting and may want to keep for future reference.
  • Digital Help: These posts will link to and discuss apps and websites that I find helpful.
  • Exercise: A recording of the exercise and general physical activity that I will be partaking in.
  • Miscellaneous: What doesn’t fit under any other category.
  • Recipes: Any recipes I find delicious and worth sharing.

Notice: I am not paying for a full site on WordPress therefore there will be ads on my blog.  I am not getting any compensation from these ads.