Get Healthy With Breakfast


I am not a morning person. If possible, I wish my day could start at noon. Sadly that’s not my life, so up before the sun rises is the day to day occurrence. Along with not being a morning person is the fact that I’m not much of a breakfast easter.

Don’t get me wrong, I like breakfast foods. I usually eat them at dinner time instead. A lifetime of not eating breakfast had made it extremely difficult to be good about eating it on a regular basis.

Now that I’m trying to get healthy, and stay that way, in having to take a deep look at my eating habits. And here is the ugly trend I’ve found.

If I eat a small breakfast, each subsequent meal doubles in size from the previous meal. So if my breakfast is 250 calories, on average my dinner is 1000 calories. If I want too keep to a 1500 calorie diet I need to do better in the mornings.

Goal for tomorrow: come up with a plan for quick and filling breakfast ideas.

Late Day+Long Drive+Light Lunch=Poor Dinner


I had done well on lunch, not so well on breakfast, then the day conspired against me. In not going to gripe about life, it happens to us all. Instead I’ll say I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

I tend to let stress get to me. When stressed I just want to relax. When I relax I enjoy eating junk. Combine stress with my still infantile grasp of healthy eating and I’m ripe for a bad night.

I chose to eat salad today along with fruit. Apparently I didn’t have enough protein or something today so by the time I got home I was starving. Even though I had 130 oz of water today, I was still hungry. Needless to say but I’ll say it anyways; I overate and regret my choices.

To top it off, due to scheduling I can’t go to the gym. So my eating carries a double punch.

Today’s lesson, find foods that carry over well from one meal to the next. Off to the internet I go.

The Internet Can Help My Diet


Let me preface this post by saying this: I am fully aware that eating food prepared from home would be beneficial compared to going out for lunch, sometimes there are circumstances that are beyond my control. That said what to do if you feel the need to go out to eat? If you are trying to eat healthy, this can be a daunting task. Thanks to the internet and proactive companies, you can actually find out what you are dumping into your body.

Yesterday I was in the mood for some Mexican-ish food. Looking at the area around me it came down to Taco Bell and Qdoba. I decided to see how bad or not so bad my decision would be. So off to I went. Clicking the menu button I was taken to a handy tool.  Picking my entre I was able to determine what I was going to have with my entre.  The link See Full Nutrition Panel calculates for you and gives you a rundown of the nutrition value.

QdobaBurrito Bowl Nurtition

Using this tool I was able to design a semi-healthy lunch that tasted pretty good. Figuring out ways to make a better choice on the fly is going to be vital to my success going forward and now I have one more tool in my arsenal. I’m curious to check out other restaurant sites to see if anyone else has done something similar.

Now since I woke up late this morning and didn’t think to make my lunch last night, I’m stuck once again going out for lunch today.  I already blew it this morning by having to get food on the run, so I’m off to the store for their salad bar. With better planning in the future I’ll eat well and have a good plan for a treat meal from time to time.

edit: Got a salad and fruit, loaded with no dressing. Good choice. Yay me!