This is where you can read about my starting position on my journey.  Weight, height, dimensions, starting diet, etc.


Mid 30’s, overweight, ex-smoker(smoked for 18 years). That is probably the best way to describe myself. I have been out of shape for many years with little exercise in my life and many poor dietary habits.  I have a somewhat sedentary job, most of my day is spent behind a desk. My job is book-ended by an hour in the car each way to and from work.  My evenings and weekends are spent driving kids around to various activities.

I’ve let my daily routine be a reason to not work out and to eat fast food. So what has changed and prompted this blog?  A proactive doctor and some tough decisions.

It had been a handful of years since I had seen a doctor, so decided it was time to get a checkup. What came out of that appointment was a trip to a surgeon to get rid of a second round of basal carcinoma, a prescription of Chantix to quit smoking, and a round of blood testing to get my cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

What came out of the blood tests was that I am pre-diabetic and my cholesterol levels are way out of healthy ranges.  Fast forward a bit and my doctor suggested I see a dietitian since my glucose levels and cholesterol didn’t go down after two months.  So here I sit after a few months since I first saw my doctor; I am happy to report that I have been completely nicotine and tobacco free since mid December 2014(I’ve put on 15 pounds since then). Now its time to take the advice of the dietitian and change my diet as well as begin an exercise routine.


I will state this, I am not on a fad diet.  My new dietary needs are meant to be a lifestyle change that benefits me going forward, not just to lose weight. 

My dietitian and doctor put me on a Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

I’m not a big veggie person and love my meat and cheeses. I live in Wisconsin, USA so its a way of life up here. It will be a big change for sure.


I’ve been instructed to focus on Cardio to help lower my bad cholesterol levels and help my good levels. I do want to include strength training though because I am definitely not happy with my core strength. I’ve joined a gym and look forward to getting to it.

What I want to come from exercise:

  • Lose Weight: According to the CDC my healthy weight according to my height should be between 129 and 174 pounds. For my height, my BMI is right at the border of Overweight and Obese. I know I don’t want to get down to 130 because I do want to increase my muscle density so that I have a stronger core for later in life. I do not have a spot to hit, but to get into the healthy range I’ll have to start with losing 40 pounds.
  • Increase My Wind: I’ve never been able to run for long distances. Thank you 18 years of smoking. 😦 So my hope is to be able to run a 5k, maybe not in real life but at least be able to do it on a treadmill. By July I want to be able to do this outdoors on the local roads and hills.
  • Strength: I’ve never had a six pack nor have I been a beefy guy. I’m not looking to become a musclebound monster. Instead I want a strong core and more strength in my legs. I’ve got messed up knees and lower back, mostly from lack of proper posture and muscles around the areas. If I want to be able to run 5K I will need to strengthen my legs as well so there is an added bonus to do so. Having nice shoulders and biceps couldn’t be a bad thing of course.

What I’m Starting With

Height: 5′ 10″

Weight: 212 lbs

BMI: 30.1

2.26.2015 Frontal

2.26.2015 Frontal

02.26.2015 side view

02.26.2015 side view

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