The First Mile is Going to be Tough


Last night was interesting for my fitness growth. As I’ve written in the past I’m not a runner and have a long road ahead of me before I’m any good at it.  The first step was to create a plan for myself. My first milestone was to run 1 mile in one evening. I’d be ok with breaking it into 1/4 miles with 1/4 breaks where I walk it off.

So last night I decided to push myself and go for it.  I walked for 1/4 of a mile then kicked it into high gear, or as high a gear as an overweight mid 30’s ex-smoker could go and jogged 1/4 mile. It took me 2 1/2 minutes to do it. My legs and lungs burned. I walked it off for another 1/4 mile. Gritting my teeth I did the next quarter mile at the same jogging pace. 2 1/2 minutes later I had now run a whole half mile.

While I may not be running on a beautiful beach like the picture above shows, I was still ecstatic to be running. The next round of walking then running went very much the same as the first two. As I ended my cool down and prepared to run that final quarter mile I worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish.  Well “F’ it, I told myself and began the first of 5 laps. Full four letter word said in my head of course. The first lap wasn’t bad, the 2nd ok, the 3rd I almost gave up and stopped jogging. But like anyone crazy enough to torture themselves I pushed on.  Before I new it I finished the 5th lap and had just finished my first mile of running.

As I walked my cool down 1/4 mile I couldn’t help but feeling some sense of accomplishment.  But, and of course there is a but, I wanted to do better. after the Cool down I did another 1/4 mile jogging.  If I hadn’t been on a crowded indoor track I may have thrown my arms up in the classic Rocky celebration. Not since I was 17 had I run 1.25 miles in a week, let alone an 1.5 hour timeframe.

Now that I know I won’t die if I jog for any period of time, I can move forward with my plans. Eventually I’ll be running a 5k marathon, but until then I’ll work towards 1 mile in one complete stretch with out walking. This time next month I hope to be celebrating that next milestone.


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